Sunday, July 28, 2013

Feeling thankful

For me, there was nothing like a major medical scare to make one feel grateful. 

Thoughts of LTD and rushed vacations to fit in a lifetime of travel dreams in some compressed period.  Now, the time horizon is extended back to its original plan, but with a greater appreciation of each trip and the days in between.

Suddenly an internet outage is, eh, it will be back on soon.  A broken ice maker?  There's lots of ice at the fire station. 

I'm incredibly grateful for every day.  And this guy.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband of seventeen years - the best husband in the world for me.

He's a fun compadre for travel and food adventures - often one in the same.

Unfortunately, I dashed our chances for dinner and dancing on our anniversary.

I did get wonderful anniversary gifts - ice cream, flowers, and a big bag of gauze, tape, and trauma shears.

Saturday, June 22, 2013


Friends are wonderful people in our lives.  Some come and go as we move neighborhoods, change jobs, or move along to different activities and stages in life.  Then there are the super special friends that you manage to keep in your life for years.  Lots of years.  Super special indeed.

Celebrating exciting life events with these dear friends is extra special.  In anticipation of Heidi's upcoming wedding, we had a girl's day together. 

Start - brunch!

Next - pedicures!  Heidi is LOVING the massage chair.

Feel free to vote for the most beautiful feet (subliminal advertising - VOTE BLUE!)

A spectacular time at the Chocolate Lover's Tea at The Jefferson Hotel.  A lovely treat for a group of chocolate and tea lovers.  (Yes, there was a wardrobe change after a fun shopping trip.)

Dinner at Rockett's Landing.  A beautiful summer evening on the James River.

I am so grateful for my wonderful, gorgeous-in-so-many-ways friends.  I am delighted to visit and celebrate with them.  And blessed for a perfect weather day to do it.  Congratulations Heidi!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A little time in Llano

In Texas, you've got a long way to go.  They want you to get there fast.

70 mph fast.  Yes, on a two lane non-divided highway.  They don't mess around.  Because you're hungry to get to this:

Yes, that's a whole smoker of meat.  Perfectly smoked meat.  You just walk up and tell 'em what you want.
Because you're here.  One of the most famous bar-b-que places in Texas.  In the middle of nowhere, of course, but worth the trip.

We were either too late or too early for the special.  But we were happy with the offerings of the day.

Brisket, sausage, and the biggest pork chop ever.  They have help-yourself beans on the counter.

A little scale for the pork chop.  It was perfect - juicy, smoky, tender.  Weak-in-the-knees good.

Typical Texas bar-b-que joint - rolls of paper towels on the table, loaves of white bread, and butcher paper for a plate.

I did get a bit overstimulated and could not finish the bite in my mouth before going back for more.  Be sure to make a stop if you're traveling within a hundred miles of Llano.  It's worth it.

Friday, August 31, 2012

The South Texas adventure begins. Only 530 miles to go.

A long day on the road is best started with a big breakfast.  A good place to start?  Rudy's!

Pretty quiet on a Sunday morning.

But most importantly, open!

You can't tell here, but it smells fantastic!

All this just for us.

The place where big trays are filled with delicious happiness.

More semi-outdoor seating.

Those bins of sause make me happy.

Almost this happy.  Those are yummy breakfast tacos in front of him.

I'm not patient enough to wait for a photo op.

Second stop - Donut Stop!

Talk about a place that smells good - yeasty, sweet, cake-y goodness.

No glass cabinet.  They just box or bag 'em right off the rack.

He's holding back some enthusiasm there.  Really.

Next stop - Llano.

Friday, August 24, 2012

The main event!

The destination of our drive across the south was Amarillo, Texas for the wedding of the most beautiful bride in the 21st century.

 Amy was the most relaxed, stunning, and photographic bride ever.  On a lovely summer afternoon.

Gorgeous inside and out.

I am the worst photographer ever.  Not just in the quality of photos, but quantity and content.   I was so overwhelmed by the wedding, I got no photos between 200pm and 700pm.  I really was there and it really was beautiful.  Here's the charming family cutting the cake.   
So sweet!  Best to Mr. and Mrs. Lickey!

Across the panhandle.

In the tiny town of Groom, Texas along I40, there is a very large cross.

And a spectacular quiet area and a lovely gift shop.  Quite a respite from interstate travel.

Following our brief stop in Groom, tired and hungry, we arrived in Amarillo.  First stop - refueling!

A great way to cap a day on the road.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Oklahoma City

Our journey continues in Oklahoma City.

We went to downtown OKC - in our case, the Stockyards.  Working stockyards.  We weren't there on auction day, but we went shopping anyway!  Langston's is an OKC westernwear legend.  We bought a lovely collection on bandanas to copy her.

Sculpture in the Stockyards.

Midwest City is adjacent to Oklahoma City.  Home of Tinker Air Force Base.  Hence, the clever Bombers mascot.

 Next, Texas!